Program 7           
Saturday, September 24, 10:30 AM
Weis/Laiks Cinema, Winter Visual Art Center, Franklin & Marshall College


I Am Somebody
1970, Madeline Anderson, United States, 30 minutes (DCP)

Madeline Anderson, Lancaster-born filmmaker and McCaskey High School graduate, is the first Black woman to produce and direct a televised documentary film. I Am Somebody follows 400 Black female hospital workers who went on strike to demand a fair wage in Charleston, South Carolina. The film is a crucial and complex document of the struggle for economic justice, the civil rights movement, and Black feminism.

The Sticklet Weaver
2021, James Hollenbaugh, United States, 7 minutes (DCP)

Created by Lancaster-based filmmaker, James Hollenbaugh, The Sticklet Weaver is a documentary portrait of Brent Brown, a Reading-based self-taught artist with lifelong mental health challenges. Intuitive and deeply talented, in recent years he has started building complex, highly fanciful "puppets" constructed from dozens of cardboard elements with fully moveable joints.

New Gleaners Documentaries

The premiere of the films created during the New Gleaners Documentary Workshop that took place in the summer of 2022. Representing a core initiative of the Gleaners Film Festival, the New Gleaners Documentary Workshop seeks to foster community-based filmmaking and film appreciation in the city of Lancaster. This workshop emerges as a collaboration between the students in the School District of Lancaster and members of the Film and Media program at Franklin & Marshall College.