Program 5            
Friday, September 23, 3:30 PM
Weis/Laiks Cinema, Winter Visual Art Center, Franklin & Marshall College


Missing Time
2019, United Kingdom, 15 minutes (DCP)

Through a focus on alien abduction, cold war history, and Britain’s colonial history, Missing Time is a film that considers the relation between amnesia, concealed histories, state secrecy and the constitution of the self.

A Human Certainty
2021, United Kingdom, 21 minutes (DCP)

The inevitability of separation, loss and death are explored through an introspective written monologue and a selection of stills, moving images and written text.

2020, United Kingdom, 28 minutes (DCP)

Taking two anti-racist and anti-authoritarian liberation movements in South London and Chicago’s South Side as a point of departure, ‘South’ presents an expressionistic investigation of the power of individual and collective voice. Interlinked with Morgan Quaintance’s own biography (time spent living in both London and Chicago), the film also considers questions of mortality and the will to transcend a world typified by concrete relations.