Program 3            
Friday, September 23, 10:30 AM
Weis/Laiks Cinema, Winter Visual Art Center, Franklin & Marshall College


I Was A Male Yvonne De Carlo
1967, United States, 28 minutes (16mm, Sound on CD)

Shot mainly during the late 1960s and edited a decade or more later, I was a Male Yvonne De Carlo is one of several films, slide shows, and live performance that feature(d) the filmmaker as a mock celebrity.

Flaming Creatures
1962, United States, 45 minutes (DCP)

Subject of a US Supreme Court case on obscenity and repeatedly banned and seized, this notorious landmark of underground cinema is a raucous celebration of queer desire, gender nonconformity, and classical Hollywood B-movies. While Flaming Creatures embraces fluidity in lieu of a coherent narrative, Jack Smith described his film as a “comedy set in a haunted movie studio.”